Concrete/Steel Pilings


Concrete and steel pilings are support tools used in the foundation building process. They are essential to supporting the building that is on top of them because it guarantees a durable foundation and helps to prevent future movement. Vertical columns are built from concrete or steel and then drilled into the ground to give support to the building that will go on top of the pilings. Typically they are used in the instance of extremely heavy loads, but have been used to support homes. When the soil or water level is at a point that it would eventually interfere with the foundation of the home, concrete or steel pilings are placed in the ground first to give additional support to the structure of the home.

Concrete Pilings Pros

Concrete pilings are a popular infrastructure element that are used in different types of construction. Concrete pilings are used in situations where a large amount of weight needs to be supported. They are great when it comes to areas where there is excessive water drainage. It is also very simple to install concrete pilings, and there is a low cost associated with installating them.

Concrete Pile Installation

At San Angelo Foundation Repair Experts, we will be able to install concrete piling in the event that your concrete foundation is needing lifting and support. Foundation leveling is something that homes may need over time as the environment around the home changes due to moisture and soil. In this event, you can trust our foundation repair experts to perform a concrete pile installation to lift up your home’s foundation. Our professionals will be able to quickly install the concrete pilings. They are also the more affordable option when it comes to pilings.

Steel Piling Pros

In the event of steel piling installation, steel sheets are used to push back soil by stacking the sheets and creating a barrier. Because of their ability to resist extreme force, they are great during installation. They are able to withstand the pressure of being driven into the ground. In spite of their ability to withstand a lot of pressure, they are lightweight and easy to handle. They are also easily manipulated and last for a very long time in a variety of conditions. Our foundation repair experts are equipped to create and install steel piles to fit the foundation of your home.

Steel Pile Installation

Our foundation repair specialists will be able to install steel pilings to your home’s foundation. The steel pilings will help provide foundation leveling to your home. Steel pilings are easier to install than concrete piles due to their ability to withstand pressure better. It’s also more customizable making it the better option for different ground condition and weirdly shaped foundations. Our team will be sure to work with you to determine whether steel or concrete piles are the best option for your foundation. Based on budget, moisture present, ground conditions, and driving, our foundation repair experts will weigh the options of both steel and concrete pilings.


Concrete/Steel Piling