Pier & Beam Repair


Pier and beam foundations are a system of wood and steel beams, sometimes made of concrete and steel, that support the structure of a home. There is a space built underneath the pier and beam foundation called a crawlspace which is extremely helpful if there is any damage to plumbing or pipes. Use of pier and beam foundation is used in areas that are prone to flooding, but it does not completely eliminate the problem. They come with different complications than typical concrete slab foundations. If you detect issues to your pier and beam foundation, contact San Angelo Repair Experts to consult you on the damage.

Moisture Issues

Pier and beam foundations are great for homes that are built in areas that are prone to flooding. They are helpful in this regard because it creates a barrier between the ground and the home due to the raised piers. However, it does not eliminate other issues that come with flooding. Because crawlspaces are built under the home with a pier and beam foundation, the area is susceptible to mold, mildew, and moisture buildup. Even though the mold and mildew is present under the structure of the house, it can still spread and affect you and everyone living in the home. It can also interfere with your home’s structure. At San Angelo Foundation Repair Experts, we always give free consultations, so you can call us at any time for an examination of your home.

Preventative Maintenance

Most of the things in our life need preventative maintenance: we use preventative measures from becoming ill, we use preventative measures before cooking, we should use preventative measures to protect our home from foundation problems. It’s also important to note that most homes go through a foundation settling period especially with new homes. This is just the way the home is settling into the ground. In this instance, minimal movement happens without any significant damage to the structure or plumbing of the home. Our foundation repair experts will make sure to walk you through a thorough, complementary inspection to assess whether you home is experiencing settling or problems. We will also give comprehensive advice for preventative maintenance for pier beam foundations.

Other Potential Issues

While pier and beam structures come with their pros, they can also present their own issues. When repairing pier and beam structures, the cost is typically more wallet friendly due to space the crawlspace affords meaning easy access to damage. Potential issues that may arise are sagging, rotting wood, and bugs. During building time, improperly spaced beams can lead to sagging down the line due to the pressure from the weight of the house. Rotting wood may occur due to moisture buildup. The crawlspace also creates the perfect place for bugs and rodents to accumulate in. If you encounter any of these issues, San Angelo Foundation Repair Experts have the experience and professionalism to help you out!

Foundation Repair Experts

We understand that your home is of the utmost importance to you. That is why we can guarantee that we will treat your home like ours. When our specialists arrive at your home, we will do a complete and thorough interior and exterior sweep of your home. We make sure to listen attentively to all of our customers concerns, and then we will inform you of all options and payments that are available.


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