Concrete slabs are poured directly on the ground to form a foundation. If the concrete slab is poured on unstable ground, it can cause issues down the road. If you encounter any of these issues, our foundation repair experts will be ready and able to repair your concrete slab. Whether your foundation was built on unstable ground or an area that is susceptible to a lot of moisture, San Angelo Foundation Repair Experts can perform concrete slab repair for you.

Signs That Concrete Needs Repair

Although it is very easy to point out some signs of damage to a concrete slab such as extremely large cracks and significant crumbling, some signs are not as apparent. This includes hairline cracks in the concrete that may be difficult to see. Even when they are seen, they are not given too much consideration due to their size. At San Angelo Foundation Repair Experts, we know it’s not enough to just fill in the crack. It’s imperative to find the root cause in order to fully fix the issue that is causing the crack in the concrete. Let our professionals find out the reason for the cracks in your concrete.

Reasons for Concrete Repairs

There are a multitude of reasons why concrete slab repair will need to be performed. Our foundation repair experts are equipped to examine and pinpoint the specific cause of your cracked concrete slab. We take our slab repair seriously which is why we offer comprehensive examinations and free inspection estimates. Our policy is to help out our customers while also making our services affordable for them. One of the reasons for concrete slab repair is water damage. Water damage, especially in the case where flooding happens, is one of the main causes for the concrete slab to need repairs down the line. Water also causes soil to shift which interferes with the way the soil around the foundation has changed.

Repairing the Damage

Once one of our foundation repair specialists have figured out the source of the cracks, we will walk you through the next step procedures. It is extremely important that you go through a professional instead of attempting to ‘Do It Yourself’. The professionals at San Angelo Foundation Repair Experts are experienced and have a history of quality outcomes. We are also trained to notice future endeavors and make certain to take preventative measures while filling in cracked slab. Call for a free estimate today!


At San Angelo Foundation Repair Experts, our professionals realize that keeping the cost budget friendly is extremely important. We are committed to being the top affordable foundation repair company in the region. While we aren’t able to give you an estimate here, we promise to always provide a free inspection estimate. Our foundation repair experts will take into account your specific situation and present to you a variety of options that outweigh cost versus long term outcome. We promise to consult you on what we feel is your best option while also keeping your budget in mind. 


Concrete Slab Repair